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Summer season

29th May 2020  til  18th October 2020 

The River House Boutique Hotel

Open daily 

Bar Di Alt Apothek
Open from 29. May 20 – 17. Okt 20

Mon    16:00
Tues   16:00
Wed   16:00
Thurs 16:00
Fri       16:00
Sat      15:00
Sun     15:00 till 18:00

Closed in Jun, Sep, Oct:
Tuesday and Wednesday

Winter season

4. December 2020 till  18. April 2021

The River House Boutique Hotel

Open daily

Bar Di Alt Apothek open from 4. Dec

Mon    15:00
Tues   15:00
Wed    15:00
Thurs 15:00
Fri        15:00
Sat      15:00
Sun     15:00

Closed in Dec, April:
Tuesday and Wednesday 


Gotthardstrasse 58, 6490 Andermatt Switzerland


+41 -41-887-0025

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